What Is Open Source Software and What Are Its Advantages?

Open source software is available under a software license that allows users to access the source code and edit it according to their requirements thus offering the ability to customize the software for different purposes. The software license protects the right of the user to edit and modify it in any way he wants. This characteristic is the prominent difference between open source software and closed source software model. The closed source model allows only the creator of the application to access and modify the software in any way.

Some of the advantages of open source software are mentioned below:

Customization: As discussed above, the ability to customize the software according to the requirements is the prime difference between open source and closed source model. The option of customizing the software allows developers to create a solution that specifically targets the requirements of their clients. Organizations and enterprises can extract the maximum benefits from this feature as they can get customized solutions for managing their day to day activities.

Freely Available: One of the other great advantages of using this technology is that it is usually available for free. Users just need to download the software from internet and start using it. This allows the user to utilize the saved resources for software enhancement and other activities. This also helps in reducing the overall cost of the project.

Support: Usually such popular software are supported by a large community of software developers who are always available online and help out developers who face problems while developing solutions. These software usually come along with a well formulated documentation that is very helpful while setting up and working on the software.

Availability of Resources: A successful software is always in demand therefore almost all the software development companies offer skilled resources who can utilize these software for creating a meaningful and useful solution for client. The developers also need to keep themselves informed and updated with latest and popular technologies if they want to survive in the tough job environment.

Enterprise Management Solutions: Each and every business is different with other businesses in some or the other way. This also implies that their problems and requirements are different just like the solutions required for them. It is almost impossible to make a software that will completely fulfill the requirements of any one type of business. However, open source software can be customized according to the business specific requirements of the client to create a solution that can fulfill the requirements of a particular business organization.

Currently there are numerous open source softwares available over the internet and can be freely downloaded. Some of the famous Open Source web technologies are Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java etc. These technologies along with numerous other OS technologies allow the developers all over the world to create client oriented solutions that are flexible and reliable. The OS technology is a boon for web developers who are usually working on stringent budgets and need cost effective platforms for developing and delivering quick and useful solutions to their clients.