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The Best iPhone Apps to Keep You Healthy

Tech experts have declared the iPhone as a gadget that revolutionized the way we use our mobile phones. For although this device is basically a cellphone, its apps have made it go beyond that. The best iPhone apps do not just amuse us the way we used to be with the built-in games that came with our old cellphones, but also help us do our tasks more efficiently.

There are even iPhone apps that can keep us healthy. Here are some of the best iPhone apps that users who are also health buffs must have.

Absolute Fitness

Absolute Fitness is an iPhone app that can help you keep track of your daily diet and exercise routines in your attempt to keep fit and healthy. The way it works is that you put in the food you ate in a day, as well as the amount and type of exercise that you did for that day.

After supplying this iPhone app with the required data, including personal data such as height, weight and age, Absolute Fitness will then generate figures that reflect your nutritional intake and the calories you have burned. All in all, Absolute Fitness is a good iPhone app that will help you become aware of your personal habits that will keep you healthy.

Brain Challenge

Exercise should not just involve the body but also the brain. In short, our brain also needs to be jogged every day. The best iPhone app for this purpose is Brain Challenge.

Brain Challenge is a set of games that present mathematical, visual, logical, and memory puzzles. They are easy to play, educational, and features a progression in difficulty that will keep you entertained as well.


Although Epocrates is mainly geared for the use of physicians, it is a nifty iPhone app for finding information about a certain drug. At a single glance, Epocrates tells the physician using it concise data about the drug they are looking at, the proper dosage by which it should be given to patients, side effects of the drug, any other allergic reactions that a patient might have in taking that drug, and other data.


Moving around, even with just walking, helps a lot in promoting health. Medical experts claim that we should take around 10,000 steps every day to keep healthy. Because we definitely cannot count our steps without stumbling over the numbers or simply losing track, Pedometer is an iPhone app that can count our steps for us.

Restaurant Nutrition

For many people, eating out is the only option to get a bite to eat, especially when they are on the go. Restaurant Nutrition is an iPhone app that serves as a restaurant locator as well as a measure of how nutritious the food you will be ordering is, whether it is for dine-in or for takeout. You can also keep track of the food you have eaten through the course of the day and keep track of your eating habits when you are not at home.

The apps that you will find on the iPhone are not just the usual software that you will find on a mobile phone. They serve many purposes; including helping us take care of ourselves.

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