Save Yourself from Internet Crimes

Informing and Educating New Users

The Internet offers thousands of resources to its users. People who are new to the Internet may be amazed by how colourful the information and resources available for them on the Internet. Every user may have a different purpose in using the Internet. One thing is sure that when someone is using the Internet, he is dealing with information resources. Information on the Internet is of various nature and values which can do you good or bad. Ideally, any new user of the Internet should be properly guided by an expert in using the Internet. This will help new users of the Internet gain insight of how useful the Internet can be if properly utilized. Many people have formed negative image about the Internet due to their misunderstanding and misleading first encounter with the Internet.

One of the most popular uses of the Internet now is utilizing it for business purpose. The story that the Internet can turn someone into a millionaire spreads fast and wide. In this difficult time where the number of jobless people keeps increasing, the possibility of getting an easy income from the Internet is truly inviting. Out of ignorance and misleading conception about the Internet many users of the Internet have been victimized by many kinds of internet crimes and criminals. Millions of dollars have been robbed of ignorant victims by internet criminals. The moral lesson that we have to bear in mind is that we have responsibility for educating the new users of the Internet starting from the people in our own close circle, such as family members, relatives, co-workers, school mates and friends. We have to help them realize the fact that the virtual world of the Internet is just like the real world which contains many good people and abundant of ill-intent criminals.

Knowing the Kinds Internet Crimes

New users of the Internet should be made knowledgeable of all kinds of internet crimes in order to be able to avoid being victimized. There are many modes used by internet criminals to rob their victims’ money, among others are as follows:

(1) A man informing his would-be victim through email that he works in a bank

where he has an unclaimed account worth million dollars due to the demise of the owner of the account. According to this criminal the owner of the said account has died in an accident with all his family members. Since he had no immediate heir, his bank account has been left unclaimed. In order to cash this big sum of money, according to the criminal, he needs someone’s assistance to play the role of an heir to the deceased owner of the account. To make the story believable, his heir is preferably from abroad. When his would-be victim begins to rise the bait, this criminal will instruct him to follow his orders. One of the things his would-be victim needs to do is to hire a lawyer in the country where the criminal lives to act as a representative of the would-be victim in issuing legal documents required by the bank to cash the unclaimed account. At this stage, the would-be victim is required to send some money for the fee of the lawyer. Everything is made so convincing to the would-be victim by means official forms issued by the bank and legal form from the said lawyer for the would-be victim to fill out. This kind of crime is popularly termed as Nigerian letter since the criminal operates in one of many African countries and possibly originates from Nigeria.

(2) HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) offering illogical ROI (Return of Investment) ranging from 100% to 150% in a very short period of time (monthly, weekly, or even daily). There are hundreds of HYIPs on the net ready to gulp your hard-earned dollars via your e-gold account. This is one the most explicit forms of internet crimes which have victimized thousands or even millions of internet users.

(3) Phony programs offering money for their members. The would-be victim is seduced to sign up to be a free member of the program for which he is promised to earn some cash for opening emails, regularly watching hundreds of advertisement displayed on his computer screen, and upgrading membership by paying certain amount of money to earn even bigger amount of cash. Some phony programs offer their members illogically big amount of cash for opening email. You are promised to earn $100, $200, or even $300 just for opening an email. The victim will spend hundreds of hours monthly to do all this bull-shit stuff for nothing except for helping the owners of such programs to earn cash from selling advertisement packages for users who need to advertise their business or products. In fact, there are many other types of internet crimes that new users of the net must be aware of.

Making the Internet Useful and Profitable

The image of the Internet, internet business and other uses of the Internet should be improved and clarified by educating users on the right way to view the net and to make use of it for positive and profitable uses. The Internet in the hand of educated and knowledgeable users will be a very valuable and profitable tool for all kind of activities which include: learning, information searching and dissemination, communicating, networking, trading, and other potential uses. Internet literacy should be introduced and taught at home, in schools, and society at large. If the majority of internet users are educated and knowledgeable, the Internet has a huge potential power to lever people’s welfare and equally distribute economic resources and prosperity all over the world.

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