Internet Marketing Strategies – Generating Maximum Customer Acquisition

Marketing strategies are applicable to all types of investment, with an emphasis on Internet marketing. This is because the Internet has become a highly successful marketplace, filled with endless opportunities of creating each individual’s niche, while maximizing any profit that can be earned from it. However, to achieve this successful niche, individuals need to have effective marketing strategies that will help achieve their successful goal of earning more and staying there. Also, always keep in mind there are millions of websites in the world who are competing for success in the same marketing area as we are. To stay successful and to grow, Internet marketing businesses must each stay afloat amidst this tight competition on a continuous basis.

In order to create well-sound internet marketing strategies, we do not build it without a strong basis to develop it from. Internet marketing strategies need to be integrated with a corporation’s marketing objectives, policies, and tactics into a cohesive whole. Keep in mind that formulating internet marketing strategies need to effectively carry out the corporation’s mission, such as providing high-quality products or services at the lowest possible cost, and at the same time not sacrificing the profitability of the investment.

In a board of directors’ meeting, it was stated that the revenues, as well as the volume of sales made during the previous month was comparatively lower compared to the revenues and volume of sales made several months ago. This decrease was more than what was expected, and present statistics show that the decreasing trend might continue due to uncontrollable market conditions. Once the problem was not addressed, the revenue of the corporation would suffer, resulting to streamlining the corporate organization, which would affect most of the employees.

As a corporate executive, what can be done to contribute to solve the problem of the corporation? It is a serious responsibility to get the business back on track, as well as ensuring the employees that they still have their job. At this point, what we need is to formulate effective internet marketing strategies that will address the problem of decreasing revenue and sales volume of the corporation.

The object in mind is to keep focus on the purpose of internet marketing strategies — helping get more potential customers, more earnings out of sales that can be made, and declaring an Internet marketing career to be a successful one. Listed are tips on how these internet marketing strategies will affect an internet marketing business, with emphasis in a positive point of view.

Begin with what is available now, without spending a lot of extra money. What are the possible edges of the marketing product or business as a whole, compared to others? Does it stand out among other businesses with similar products? Being unique is one of the internet marketing strategies that will help get potential clients, eventually making the new business a success. Nothing will beat the expertise of developing a product, safely satisfying the needs of the target market.

Take the product to the internet, giving it a unique image over the web. Use the power of words and images in expressing what the new product offers to the public. Make the description of the product as simple as possible, yet straight to the point.

One of the keys to internet marketing success is the “click through” strategy, where a product’s attraction to the customer will cause them to click on the product’s new ad, getting them to “find and go to the product”. This new product that is being offered must be significant to what the customer is looking for, thus the use of online surveys will help determine the products that are “in” and “out”. The utilization of online surveys is one of the most important internet marketing strategies.

These are just a few of the internet marketing strategies that can be used for any new online business. Of course, there are still many internet marketing strategies that are available. Try to stay with the most basic ones at the beginning. All complex internet marketing strategies take their start from the basic, making basic internet marketing strategies just as effective as the complex ones.

Keep in mind the purpose of marketing — getting close or going beyond the return of investment within the least amount of time – is using the least financial spending possible at all times. These internet marketing strategies will help to achieve the purpose of marketing, as well as address any future problems that may be encountered along the internet marketing career. Such internet marketing strategies will serve as the main foundation of any marketing plan — it must contain definite actions that will be implemented, addressing the problem of the corporation. For instance, an individual may use the strategy of offering low-cost yet high quality products or services to attract more consumers or convince potential clients to patronize your new product. By using such strategy, there is a high chance that the business can be compensated for any previous losses, getting the online business onto a profitable level.

Apps And Gadgets

How to Get Free Apps For iPod Touch

Ever since the iPod has hit the market, it has taken off at a rapidly expanding rate. From the first generation all the way to the third generation i and i Nano, iPod is a name that will be known for quite a while. The iPod touch is one of the newer creations that apple has introduced; it is every bit a music player as the traditional iPods, only better. The player features a music player, bigger memory capacity, ability to store videos, various apps, wireless Internet connection and so much more.

One of the features that the device is know for, are all the various apps that can be downloaded onto the device and used. App is shorthand lingo for application, there are applications available for just about anything such as games, news, sports, weather, random nonsense, just about anything. The gadget comes with a few basic apps, leaving users wanting more applications for their device; but in today’s weak economy, buying applications for your iPod Touch can become quite expensive.

So the question that comes up now is, “Where can I get awesome apps for my iPod Touch for free?” That question can easily be answered by opening your Internet browser and going to your favorite search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever. Simply type in something along the lines of, “Free Apps for iPod Touch,” or something similar and you should be presented with thousands of resulting websites that offer free applications for your iPod Touch.

Using a search engine is probably one of your best bets when it comes to finding free apps for your iPod Touch, since applications are virtual, there are really no physical stores where you can just go and buy them. Applications are downloaded through the use of the Internet, so what better place to look then, you guessed it; the Internet. Simply go to any search engine and type in something related to free apps for the great product from apple and you should be given more results than you will need. If you are looking for legal download you can go the the apple official site to download apps by paying using your credit cards.

Apps And Gadgets

Top Five Ways to Promote Your Optimise Your App For the App Stores

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone back in mid-2007, it was slated as the next big techno-thing. Through the iPhone, Apple has sapiently managed to use advanced technology to create simplicity. The numbers prove that the concept has been immensely popular. Since then, the iPhone has made way for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and more recently the iPhone 4. In the midst of it all, Apple built and launched the next, next big thing, the iPad.

The successes of these gadgets have spawned an industry for Application Software or Apps. It was quoted that, in 2008, there were nearly 500 apps available for the iPhone and the iPod. Ever since, the numbers have accreted to a staggering 225,000+ apps with over 5 billion downloads! With other instrument manufacturers joining the bandwagon, the apps industry is here to stay.

To market an app in such a vast yet competitive market can be tricky. It’s easy to take the path most treaded at the cost of appearing bromidic. People looking to download apps most often check for them in app stores rather than search engines. Since search techniques employed by search engines and app stores are largely based on similar algorithms, the desiderata for app store algorithms are again relevancy and authority.

Here are a couple of optimisation tricks that might help app-makers stand out in the crowd.

1) Involve SEO techniques early

The process of releasing a search friendly app begins with involving techniques similar to search engine optimisation at the early stages of development. To get the best possible ranking, scout out keywords using a keyword tool or by looking at some of the more successful apps in store. Most app stores make no secret of which are the most downloaded apps. Check out trends within these top ranked apps. Keep an eye out for keywords and phrases that the app store is trying to plug and piggyback off these terms.

Through this, you can conjure up phrases and keywords that are not only search friendly but are also most relevant to your app. See keywords as hooks that can pull you to the top app store search ranks.

2) Keyword placement strategy

Once you are certain about your keywords it’s time to make them count. Place the keywords strategically in your app starting within the app itself. The developer name is often overlooked as an important keyword house. However, placing keywords in the developer name will here will help your relevancy to the search spider over competitor apps.

Also include the keywords in your title, name, summary and tags. The most important place to place your keywords is the app description. Ethically use keywords that describe your app best. Keep it short and spam-free.

The importance of an apposite descriptive name for the app cannot be undermined. Being smart at the expense of a descriptive misnomer should be avoided like the plague. Instead the idea of being simple and straightforward is appreciated. For e.g.: naming a file compressing app as ‘Compress It’ is better than ‘Zip Zap Zoom’. You get the drift. It is better to use search-friendly keywords such as compress, compressor etc.

3) Encourage feedback

A great way to garner visibility of your app among others in the store is by asking users for their feedback or their review. An aesthetic and useful app will invariably solicit good user reviews. App searchers tend to read through user reviews before picking among apps of a similar nature. Asking for feedback is always good as long as it’s sincerely done. It helps to gain useful consumer advice that can be included in the next version.

4) Provide demo versions

In the case of paid apps, developing a freeware could be considered. This gives the option to include more keywords for their description and gives the users a teaser of your product. Credibility is often attached to apps that have a separate freeware ensuing in a purchase.

5) Promote through a website

Establishing a website catering to your app(s) can help in promoting it/them through means other than that of the app store. Optimise these websites for search engines to give people an alternate pathway to your app.

Apps And Gadgets

Create iPhone Apps

If you are searching for legitimate work from home opportunities, you may have heard the recent excitement about learning to create iPhone apps. Chances are, this industry is just what you are looking for. This business is simple, lucrative, and legitimate. Plus, it also provides some other perks that you will learn about here. If this industry is promoted in Newsweek and the New York Times, you know it is something worth looking into.

Create iPhone Apps – Is it EASY?

If a kid can do this, so can you. Children as young as nine years old have learned to create successful iPhone apps. In fact, people with very little experience are breaking into this industry. And, it doesn’t take much work. Once you get your app created, it continues to bring money in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never calls in sick or quits. It just keeps working for you minute after minute.

Create iPhone Apps – Is it LUCRATIVE?

Developing iPhone Apps is a highly lucrative industry – there’s no denying that. Some of the top developers have earned as much as $24,000 in only one day. This is virtually with very little overhead or expense–only a little of your time. This industry is growing rapidly, and the owners of iPhones are willing to spend money for entertaining applications. And, with the iPhone 4 just being released, you can take advantage of the millions of new users and users who are upgrading to this fantastic new gadget.

Create iPhone Apps – Is it LEGITIMATE?

Newsweek and the New York Times don’t promote MLMs, Pyramid Schemes, or any of the other business opportunities you may run across. Plus, running an iPhone app business gives YOU the control, instead of having to be at the mercy of a third party. You know it is legitimate if you are the one you answer to. Being your own boss puts you in the driver’s seat.

Plus, you can discover these great benefits

This business works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never calls in sick or quits. This business can be done part time if you want to keep your current job. (Of course, if you really want to go for the big bucks you certainly can). But, this scenario is even sweeter for the current business owner. If you can develop an app for your industry, you will in essence turn your COMPETITORS into your CUSTOMERS!

But how does someone with very little experience or knowledge in this industry cash in on such a fantastic business?

As you can see, it is easy to make money online learning to create iPhone apps. Many people are becoming entrepreneurs and enjoying the benefits of this hot industry. If you are interested in finding out how to get started, we recommend this phenomenal guide. Not only does this guide take you through the process step by step, it gives you invaluable bonus information too. This guide is by far the quickest way to get started in this skyrocketing industry.


Internet Telephony Services

The advent of Internet has revolutionized information technology around the world. Many new vistas of operations and services are open to the public, which have improved their daily lives. One such new kind of technology is Internet telephony, which uses Internet protocols for the purpose of communication over the Internet on the World Wide Web.

Internet telephony services make use of Internet protocol for sending voice signals in digital format in discrete packets. The technology is simple and allows two or more computer users to converse between themselves with the use of Internet telephony. Many software companies have developed specific software products exclusively for the use of Internet telephony. With the help of this software, users are able to speak over the Internet. Users can speak into the microphone and listen through the speakers or headphones.

A computer user in any part of the world is able to communicate with any other user with the help of Internet telephony services. For starters, Internet is the big network of computers linked together from around the world. It is very useful in the proper distribution of knowledge and data throughout the network with the help of Internet protocols. Protocol is a set of rules and languages that are used by computers for proper communication amongst them. Internet protocol means a specific set of languages used by computers connected to the Internet.

Internet telephony services are also referred to as IP telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It is essential for computer users to install a sound card on the system in order to use this service properly. Good quality microphones, speakers, and headphones are required for effective communication with Internet telephony services.

Traffic on the Internet also plays a vital role in clear communication. Customers just need to install the Internet telephony software on their systems and can start using the service. This is the basic methodology or working system of Internet telephony services.


Manage Property Through Lettings Agency Software

If you are planning to establish a letting agency and worried about the documentation work then leave all your worries to lettings software system. With the advancement of technology, the market is loaded with a number of proficient letting software exclusively designed for the property agents to take care of their entire business requirements. Letting agency software benefits the business in many different ways such as this software system reduces the consumption of time and money to be spent on hiring manpower.

Furthermore, these letting software are easy to install and can be accessed with basic computer knowledge. Landlords software range is tagged with different prices as these are introduced in different versions. A letting agent can invest money in a particular letting software as per the routine workload and business size.

For a successful property business, the concerned agent or landlord needs to maintain the updated records of open property deals, including prospective client portfolios. A client portfolio is consisting of tax payer details, running mortgage information and financial ability with a snap of client. A property agent can manage a number of client profiles and can also take care of two property management companies by paying a cost of single license software. Some of the letting agency software come with online support facility and add- on options. In case of any doubt, an interested landlord can download a trial version of desired property software. Property manager Pro is perfect software for small property management business, whereas property manager premium is recommended for the large and growing firms.

Property Manager Enterprise is the right choice for managing client or agent networks. All software programs are empowered with Sage account options with advanced technology. Landlords software come with training schedule for Sage option in which the staff member of a letting agency can attend an online training program. Raise rent charges, tax calculations and paid tenant amount is atomically recorded and updated in property software. After equipping the business with this integrated software, the usage of paper for preparing documentation is totally reduced. A letting agent does not need to maintain separate record files for each client or property deals.

One does not have to learn accounts for working on this property software. Nevertheless, this property software is an all-in- one solution for a successful property management business. Its multi- user interface enables a letting agency to use this property software on a number of terminals together with online data entry option. However, this indispensable software has become an official tool in order to sort out renter records, stakeholder information and for recording potential deals in a professional technique. Therefore, property management through letting software has become a lot easier and simpler.


Effective Marketing Strategies: Software Telemarketing

In today’s business world, you perhaps already know the importance of having business leads for use with your marketing campaign. Without these leads, it would be incredibly hard for any firm to make a healthy profit and continue functioning at an efficient pace. Making a profit, of course, is the lifeblood that fuels any business and without it would mean the ceasing of further operations; a business should be making more than it spends to function, not lose more than what it takes to operate. For software firms, this is a reality and that is why many of them rely on the services of software telemarketing firms to give them a helping hand.

There exist many types of lead generation businesses in the world today and many of them cater to the needs of companies that are in dire need of sales. However, this is like a giant race and everyone wants to get high-quality leads and be ahead of the competition. For a software firm, software telemarketing can be that advantage through not only lead generation services but through other functions as well. The creation of software leads such as ERP leads are just one of the many things that software telemarketing can be used for. But more than just the wide array of services that are offered by these firms, they also offer the services of skilled and professional telemarketers to their employers. With capable staff working for them, they pride themselves with being able to satisfy the needs of the many firms that rely on them for the services they provide.

When it comes to software leads, doing lead generation through software telemarketing is one of the best ways that a software firm can get what they want. Telemarketers are some of the best salesmen out in the world and when it comes to lead generation, they can easily take on such a task and bring in good results. For a software firm that specializes in ERP software, high-quality ERP leads can be created and placed in a well-organized database which is easy to navigate and make use of. And by generating more and more of these software leads for your firm, these telemarketing firms can be of great help especially when your marketing campaign needs a boost to improve performance. Aside from just lead generation however, software telemarketing is also made use of to do software appointment setting for software firms. If you are familiar with this approach, then there should not be a need to explain further but for those who are not, then that is what we shall talk about next.

Software appointment setting, like its name implies, is an approach in which you try to get business appointments with your clients. It is called software appointment setting as it is done for software firms and because it is done for the purpose of marketing software products and other services related to it. It is done by telemarketers through making calls to prospect companies and getting in touch with certain personnel with the aim to set appointments for their employing companies so that they can attempt to close a deal or make a sale with the client.

Software telemarketing is an effective strategy to use in that it offers services like these. Although many others also offer these services, relying on a software telemarketing firm may be for the best when it comes to software lead generation and appointment setting.


Planning to Buy Risk Management Software? Know What to Consider

Risk management helps an organization achieve operational excellence by effectively managing and eliminating all the risks associated with the business. Providing such efficient tools to the risk managers to manage all sorts of liabilities arising from non-compliance of business operations not only helps them to make better and accurate decisions, but also helps them to mitigate the associated risks.

Risk management software is one such tool that helps in monitoring and identifying all types of risks and further makes it easy for the risk managers to determine ways to reduce the risk. However, not every risk management software product is similar. With the increased demand for these software products in the recent past, many companies are coming up with their products into the market. You need to consider few things in order to get right software and here follows the list.

• Easy to install and use: Effective risk management software is less complicated. Its unique design should make it easy for the user to understand and operate the software as quickly as possible. So, consider software that can be installed easily in your system; it should be easy to operate too. Reputed vendors regularly discuss with risk managers and refine their products constantly to make them easy to use. Lack of computer skills should not be a barrier for a person to use this software. If the software is browser-based, it will be easy to access and simple to maintain.

• Suitable for your business needs: Better go with the company which offers industry specific software products. Risk management software from such companies helps you get suitable software which serves your business needs. Make sure that your software enables you to maintain transaction records of multiple risks (claims and other risks).

• Compatibility with the existing software: To choose software which ensures superior functionality, make sure that it works well with your operating system and with any other existing software.

• Secured and reliable: The data uploaded in the risk management software is critical as well as confidential. So, while relying on such software for managing risk, be aware about the security features offered by your preferred software before making a purchase. Make sure that your software has filtered access rights so that the confidentiality of data is maintained. It also protects from unauthorized use of the data.

• Quickly update and retrieve data: You should be able to update and retrieve the data within seconds. A good software product will be able to present the most complex litigation in easy-to-read format in nanoseconds. It captures information, documents all the data and maintains all the reports and correspondence. It will have sophisticated search abilities that enable you to retrieve the risk file/information without any hassles.

• Good customer service: Make sure that you are purchasing a product that is backed up with good customer service. For the successful implementation and functioning of the software, support from highly qualified and trained professionals is very important. A company which provides training for your employees in operating the software and also which lends a helping hand in hour of need is often recommended.

Besides all the above mentioned things, it’s advised to go for an experienced vendor who has a good reputation in the industry, achieved with his expertise. A reputed vendor always provides reliable products which are worth investing. So, include choosing a reliable vendor in your checklist, in order to buy perfect risk management software which suits your business requirements.


Internet Marketing Services – What Should You Pursue?

You may often wonder what really Internet marketing is. Well, there have been many definitions formulated by various gurus of Internet marketing. Individuals who have tried out the huge and lucrative business opportunity of Internet marketing also have provided various interpretations of it. Though several such definitions and interpretations have been suggested yet hundreds and thousands of aspiring internet marketers are still in the quest for getting the exact definition of Internet marketing. Such Internet marketing aspirants want to get a clear idea of what exactly they are seeking to get into.

In an endeavor to determine the much wanted exact definition of Internet marketing we can examine some situations. With the question of defining Internet marketing being put forward to some 100 individuals- 99 of them point out to the search engine as the ultimate path finder in this regard. Then one can go to one’s favorite search engine and type in the words “define Internet marketing” and click on the searching icon to give…the results.

In the search results pages the top pages will be the ones displaying information/web pages of marketing veterans established as pioneers of Internet marketing. Such persons have rightfully secured a spot to provide a definition of Internet marketing from their viewpoint. There are, however, the placement ads on search result pages and glancing upon them will reveal another story altogether.

It is with the intention of helping websites get more traffic or hits that most of the ads related with Internet marketing have been set up. Indeed Internet traffic is the lifeblood of any website and the sites thrive on Internet traffic. Now we may combine this concept with the traditional concept of marketing conduction with the Internet acting as the marketing medium here. The following conclusion providing a definition of Internet marketing can be arrived at:

“Internet marketing is an income-generating opportunity dependent on the utilization of interactive technology (via the Internet) to build a dialog with potential clients by connecting with them through quality content about your product and/or service offerings”.

Thus, the interactive technology specified as the “Internet” is to be utilized for fulfillment of Internet marketing. Different Internet marketing services existing are involved in the utilization of the Internet. These are the services which are requisite of the Internet to be able to perform its specific tasks in the capacity of marketing medium between Internet marketers and clients pertaining to them.

In order to keep alive their online business all online entrepreneurs need to familiarize themselves with Internet marketing services. These are the services which are vital for their online business’s development and also for making their Internet marketing careers successful.

Information on some basic Internet marketing services is provided here for you to learn about and familiarize yourself with:

Search Engine Optimization- In order to locate websites and finding useful information on the Web the search engines are used. These are powerful tools used by most Internet users for finding the information they are seeking. Efforts need to be made so as to ensure that your site is appearing on the top pages of a search engine page result. By search engine optimization i.e. optimizing your website by reengineering its contents you can expect to secure better search engine placements.

Indexing- The procedure of submission of your web pages for search engine registration and registration in various Internet based directories is involved in indexing.

Keyword research- The highly searched keywords and key phrases relevant to your online business can be identified by keyword research.

SEO consultation need- Internet marketers who are novices in the field can well invest with an SEO consultant. This is suggested if you wish to receive help in planning the methods of successfully marketing your website.

Use net- The Use net is a fast and efficient method for generating targeted traffic for your website. This involves a worldwide bulletin board system in which there are over 14,000 forums covering every interest group. Everyday this is commonly used by millions of individuals all over the world.

E-mail marketing procedures- An electronic mail is made use of here. This is sent to a list of subscribers who wish to receive updates of your products and services. E-mail marketing is a popular Internet marketing advertising method.

Press releases services- Useful information concerning your online business (website) like site launches, special products on offer or other helpful information are announced through press releases. In order to ensure that more people are attracted towards your site the press releases are carefully drafted.

These are the basic and essential ones among the Internet marketing services. There are various other Internet marketing services available too. In order to be successful in your Internet marketing business you need to carefully integrate any of these in your online business so that the best results are derived.


Save Yourself from Internet Crimes

Informing and Educating New Users

The Internet offers thousands of resources to its users. People who are new to the Internet may be amazed by how colourful the information and resources available for them on the Internet. Every user may have a different purpose in using the Internet. One thing is sure that when someone is using the Internet, he is dealing with information resources. Information on the Internet is of various nature and values which can do you good or bad. Ideally, any new user of the Internet should be properly guided by an expert in using the Internet. This will help new users of the Internet gain insight of how useful the Internet can be if properly utilized. Many people have formed negative image about the Internet due to their misunderstanding and misleading first encounter with the Internet.

One of the most popular uses of the Internet now is utilizing it for business purpose. The story that the Internet can turn someone into a millionaire spreads fast and wide. In this difficult time where the number of jobless people keeps increasing, the possibility of getting an easy income from the Internet is truly inviting. Out of ignorance and misleading conception about the Internet many users of the Internet have been victimized by many kinds of internet crimes and criminals. Millions of dollars have been robbed of ignorant victims by internet criminals. The moral lesson that we have to bear in mind is that we have responsibility for educating the new users of the Internet starting from the people in our own close circle, such as family members, relatives, co-workers, school mates and friends. We have to help them realize the fact that the virtual world of the Internet is just like the real world which contains many good people and abundant of ill-intent criminals.

Knowing the Kinds Internet Crimes

New users of the Internet should be made knowledgeable of all kinds of internet crimes in order to be able to avoid being victimized. There are many modes used by internet criminals to rob their victims’ money, among others are as follows:

(1) A man informing his would-be victim through email that he works in a bank

where he has an unclaimed account worth million dollars due to the demise of the owner of the account. According to this criminal the owner of the said account has died in an accident with all his family members. Since he had no immediate heir, his bank account has been left unclaimed. In order to cash this big sum of money, according to the criminal, he needs someone’s assistance to play the role of an heir to the deceased owner of the account. To make the story believable, his heir is preferably from abroad. When his would-be victim begins to rise the bait, this criminal will instruct him to follow his orders. One of the things his would-be victim needs to do is to hire a lawyer in the country where the criminal lives to act as a representative of the would-be victim in issuing legal documents required by the bank to cash the unclaimed account. At this stage, the would-be victim is required to send some money for the fee of the lawyer. Everything is made so convincing to the would-be victim by means official forms issued by the bank and legal form from the said lawyer for the would-be victim to fill out. This kind of crime is popularly termed as Nigerian letter since the criminal operates in one of many African countries and possibly originates from Nigeria.

(2) HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) offering illogical ROI (Return of Investment) ranging from 100% to 150% in a very short period of time (monthly, weekly, or even daily). There are hundreds of HYIPs on the net ready to gulp your hard-earned dollars via your e-gold account. This is one the most explicit forms of internet crimes which have victimized thousands or even millions of internet users.

(3) Phony programs offering money for their members. The would-be victim is seduced to sign up to be a free member of the program for which he is promised to earn some cash for opening emails, regularly watching hundreds of advertisement displayed on his computer screen, and upgrading membership by paying certain amount of money to earn even bigger amount of cash. Some phony programs offer their members illogically big amount of cash for opening email. You are promised to earn $100, $200, or even $300 just for opening an email. The victim will spend hundreds of hours monthly to do all this bull-shit stuff for nothing except for helping the owners of such programs to earn cash from selling advertisement packages for users who need to advertise their business or products. In fact, there are many other types of internet crimes that new users of the net must be aware of.

Making the Internet Useful and Profitable

The image of the Internet, internet business and other uses of the Internet should be improved and clarified by educating users on the right way to view the net and to make use of it for positive and profitable uses. The Internet in the hand of educated and knowledgeable users will be a very valuable and profitable tool for all kind of activities which include: learning, information searching and dissemination, communicating, networking, trading, and other potential uses. Internet literacy should be introduced and taught at home, in schools, and society at large. If the majority of internet users are educated and knowledgeable, the Internet has a huge potential power to lever people’s welfare and equally distribute economic resources and prosperity all over the world.