How Computers Have Changed Our Lives

Thinking about life without computers seems simply impossible now. They have invaded our lives, be it on social or business scale. From the time they were invented to now, computers have given the world a great boost in advancements of technologies and businesses. Imagine if we did not have computers, you wouldn’t even be reading this article now. Along with computers, internet has aided to the developments in technology. From the vending machine that served you your coffee this morning to the elevator you took to the office level just now, they all make use of some computer technology. You probably cannot think of a day when you did not make use of some form of computer technology.

Not only can modern computers process data in a fraction of a second but also store great amounts of data in a very small space. Many people may argue that computers have killed physical interaction between people but this may not be totally true. Although to a certain extent, with the internet aiding computers, it may be true but the advantages that computers offer far outweigh the disadvantages. The internet allows a user to access information from anywhere in the world, which gave birth the world as we know it today. Half a century ago a person would not know much about the other cultures besides those in their country or vicinity. But with the internet and computers, we can attain any form of information from any part of the world. The world seems like a much smaller place with the internet and computers.

Computers are used in businesses worldwide from doing tasks such as simple calculations to interaction between workers. Business would never have been this advanced if computers had not been invented. The world would have been a much less developed place without computers. Companies worldwide can interact and do business with other companies as well as customers from any part of the world by simply sitting in front of their computer. Company data can be stored in computers; information can be transferred easily and files can be shared instantaneously between people who can be sitting miles apart.

As the internet came about, so did social networking websites. These sites such as Facebook help you keep in contact with your friends whom you might not be able to see that often or those who live in another country. Before the computer or internet, one could only interact with people who were physically around him or her and their knowledge about the world was limited. Computers have opened resources that allow you to attain never-ending flow of information. You can learn about other cultures from social networking sites, make friends from countries you might never have known existed and even share files with each other.

Computer systems have been modified and can now be found even in mobile phones which make connecting with the world a lot easier. Also the amount of paper used in the world has been reduced due to the fact that most work can be done in documents in computers and shared via email or other means. The number of advantages that computers offer is unlimited. It’s no doubt that computers have become an important part of our lives.