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Five Reasons to Have Your Cell Phone Repaired

In today’s world people tend to throw away items that have become broken than to fix them. We seem to think that replacing this item will somehow be cheaper, and easier than fixing it. The truth is replacing your device is a lot more expensive than having it repaired. In this article I may refer to the iPhone in my top five reasons only because it is one of the most popular cell phones on the market today. So why should you get your cell phone repaired instead of tossing it in the trash?

Cost: When you look at the cost of buying a new cell phone out of contract, this may cost you more than $500 dollars. When you look at iPhone screen replacement you may be looking to spend $30 to $130 depending on the solution you choose. If you choose to replace your screen yourself, you can purchase them off of the internet for around $30. If you choose to have a cell phone repair professional replace your iPhone screen, then you could spend $130 dollars or less depending upon the company. Taking this route could save you $400 dollars!

The Environment: Cell phones in general are not bio-degradable. This isn’t good for the environment or the animals that live in the landfills. Lithium ion batteries can explode causing fires, and cause even more damage to our environment. It is always a good idea to take your unwanted cell phone to someone who recycles them, or will re purpose your cell phone. I took an old Motorola Droid X and installed forensics software on it so I could have a mobile cyber forensics device.

Helping the Economy: Most cell phone repair shops are small businesses, and employ local people. If you choose to have your iPhone serviced by a professional then you could be helping put money back in your local economy. You local Sprint store may be local, but they are a corporation and a smaller percentage of the money you spend with them is kept in your local area. Your also helping a local business keep it’s doors open which is another reason to choose this option.

Speed: If your in a hurry to have that hand-held device of yours repaired most local shops can have your phone back to you within an hour. This is great for those of us who are always in a rush to get things done. Even if there is no repair shop in your area, most of these hand held device specialist can have your phone phone repaired within 24 hours. Being without your phone is no fun, but it will still save you money in the long run.

Security: Since you will be keeping your device by having it repaired, you won’t have to worry about losing data or having to erase data off of your device. A lot of people don’t realize that when you erase your data by resetting your phone the information is still there. You would need to purchase a special program that will erase all of that data off of your phone in order for it to permanently be erased from the phones memory.

All of these reasons tie together and really open your eyes on the importance of repairing you hand held devices. I’m not saying that you should keep them forever, but technology isn’t moving that fast in the cell phone market. Your camera, speed, and software on your device is not going to change much over the next year or two. Upgrading your cell phone whenever the newest and greatest model comes out will leave your pockets empty. Repairing your device is great for so many reasons besides saving you money. Think about this the next time you break your cell phone!

Cell Phones

Deciding Which Cell Phone Is Right for You

It is very important to carefully research cell phones before signing an agreement with a cell phone company. Generally companies require a two year agreement, and you will be unable to change phones without paying an exorbitant price during that time period. There are several things you should consider before making your decision.

One important feature for many people is the on-board camera. In recent years, the cameras in cell phones have greatly improved and take excellent pictures, often as good as stand-alone cameras.

If the ability to take quality photos with your phone is important to you then it is imperative to do research on the cell phone cameras in your price range. Storage space for your photos is also a factor that you should consider, though you can usually add a mini-SD card for expanded storage or send your photos to a cloud application.

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not the device you’ll get with your plan has a warranty. Depending on your lifestyle and the durability of the device you’re looking at, this can actually be a very important thing to consider.

People who are very active and spend a lot of time outdoors tend to be rougher on their telephone equipment, and failing to have an insurance plan can be a costly mistake. It is very easy to get caught in the rain and ruin your cell phone. Dropping your phone can also damage it, or at the very least result in a cracked screen which can be a costly repair

A very important feature to look at is the keyboard. You will want to take into consideration how much typing you do on your phone. Do you answer a large quantity of emails on your phone? Do you text a lot?

If you answered yes to those two questions, you may want to purchase a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard that slides out or a BlackBerry style phone with the full keyboard below the screen. If you use your phone strictly for spoken calls then you will probably be happy with a standard keyboard or an on-screen touch keyboard.

Battery life varies greatly among devices. You will need to decide how much you will be using your phone and how much battery life you will need. The last thing anyone wants is to have their battery go dead during an important call or in the middle of the day when they need it the most.

Most phones have a long battery life in standby mode, but quickly use battery power when making calls or surfing the internet, which is referred to as talk time. If you will not be able to charge the battery often you will need a phone with a long talk time. Some people even buy an extra battery for their phones if they routinely find themselves unable to charge their phone. You will also need to consider buying charging accessories such as a car charger or backup battery device.

You will also need to decide how important it will be for you to access the internet on your cell phone. If you will be using your phone to surf the internet, you will want to choose a smart phone and will have to consider such features as the ability to talk on the phone at the same time you are surfing. Such devices tend to be more expensive than a basic cell phone and the smart phone plans also have additional fees.

Signing a cell phone contract is a major commitment and it is crucial that you have done your homework and chosen the best phone and service plan for your needs. Now that you are familiar with the basics, you are ready to begin researching phones.

At the end of the day it’s all about what you need your phone to do and what you need to protect it from. Check out all the options available, do your research, and choose based on what you need rather than what looks the prettiest.

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Latest Cell Phone Accessories

Skins and cover designs are the latest emerging trend in cell phone accessories. Some of them are made of hard plastic and other cases are manufactured from adhesive backed pieces of vinyl. There are many websites where you can place orders for these vinyl skins. The pieces come pre-cut at the right sizes to fit your phone or other devices.

There are two types of vinyl, cast and calendared vinyl. The former is more costly given that it is meant to be used for short periods of time. Calendared vinyl tends to fade and shrink in hot environments while cast can be used for longer durations without such problems. Although calendared costs 250 percent more, cast is still cheaper in the long run.

Technological advances in the manufacture of these products still continue to grow. Controltac is a vinyl cover that maintains it glossy look. It also offers ventilation to prevent the formation of bubbles when you place your gadget. Cast vinyl is more popular because it comes in a variety of designs.

Other Accessories for Your Phone

As cell phones become more wide spread, accessories like Bluetooth, headsets and cell phone mounts are becoming more basic. iPhone cases and even batteries are now more readily available. There is an ever-growing list of accessories that you can purchase for your phone. These may be cell phone protectors, noise cancelling headsets, memory cards etc.

Cell phone chargers are essential accessories that can be difficult to operate without. While travelling out-of-town or if you are a frequent traveler, you may need one on standby. On your journeys, you may also consider getting a signal booster. Using the wrong phone charger may have negative repercussions on the functionality and lifespan of your phone.

Headsets can give you much freedom while operating your phone. Headsets come in different shapes and designs. In case you need to use your phone in your car, there are multiple accessories that can make your life easier. These may include a dashboard and windshield mount kit. A wireless cell phone charger may also come in handy in unexpected situations.

Cell phone cases are important for the protection of your phone. There are different manufacturers that provide cases for different phones. Targus, Kensington, Body Glove, Kensington and Griffin technologies are some prominent names in this market.

When shopping for cell phone accessories, there are some tips you can rely on to get great bargains. Always ensure you find out if the store runs discounts for customers that collect the accessories personally from the stores. Some stores may also provide free shipping for a range of products. Other special offers may include rollbacks and clearance.

Apart from selecting your accessories based solely on price offerings, you can factor in other parameters. These may include the durability of the materials used, the brand name, category, its compatibility with your device and customer rating or reviews.

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Before You Buy Cell Phone Plans – Tips On How To Compare Cell Phone Carrier Plans

If you are in the market to buy cell phone plans, I would suggest doing your due diligence and compare cell phone carrier plans before you commit to a wireless service provider. There are quite a few companies out there who claim to offer unlimited talk, text, and data, however sometimes you really need to read between the lines. Not all plans are created equal, and some wireless companies like to try and fool the consumer by not disclosing the full truth about their plans up front.

Here are the top 3 questions to ask when you compare cell phone carrier plans:

1. Will the plan put you under contract or is there no contract? This question is very important when considering individual situations and circumstances. If you make a mistake and sign a 2 year contract, you are going to be stuck with that plan for quite a long time. Contract cancellation fees are no fun. If you have any foreseeable circumstances that might compel you to stop paying your bill, a contract might not be the best choice. There are many cell phone service providers that offer plans with no contract, and I believe that they are a better choice because they allow you the flexibility to pay as you go. You can stop service any time that you want, and there will be no monetary repercussions.

2. Do you require a new phone? Some people like to buy into plans just because they need a new basic phone or smart phone. Typically when a cell phone company offers a free phone in conjunction with a contracted plan, the phone appears to be free up front, but you will actually end up paying for the phone through a higher bill over time. This is referred to as subsidization, and the phone companies do this all the time. If you do not need a new phone, there are many no contract cellular companies that will allow you to bring your own device to their network so that you do not have to invoke a new lengthy contract. These types of plans are usually much cheaper.

3. Does the plan fit your lifestyle and your budget? Many people are enticed into expensive plans because they want to get the best technology right now, and they are willing to overlook price and functionality to get it. Everyone uses their wireless cell phones differently, ranging from just straight talk, to talk and text, to talk, text, and data. Find out how much you are really using your cell phone and judge from there how much of a plan you need to buy. If you are only using your phone to talk to your close family and nothing else, it doesn’t make sense to pay for fully unlimited talk, text, and data. Find out how much you can spend when you buy cell phone plans, and tailor the plan to meet your budget and your lifestyle.

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes time to buy cell phone plans, therefore there are probably many different questions to be asked. However, I believe that the previous top 3 questions, which compare cell phone carrier plans, are integral in making sure that you find the right plan. There are many companies out there who are willing to take advantage of the uninformed consumer, and make them pay hand over fist for a cell phone plan that they do not necessarily need or want. I would hope that after taking a look at this information that you will be a little bit better informed and have more confidence when it comes time to purchase.

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Cell Phone Accessories To Improve Your Experience

Cell phones have become such important devices in our life and we have become so dependent on them that life would be paralyzed without the devices. Millions of people today rely on phones to communicate and even get businesses running. They are simply devices that have made communicating, sharing and enjoyment better and more convenient. However, a cell phone might not be all that you need to make your user experience the best. At times a number of factors can lead to situations where you need accessories to upgrade your phone. There is a wide range of accessories you can find to improve the performance and even the appearance of your cell phone for a better user experience.

Chargers – It is common for your original cell phone charger to wear out or get damaged making it ineffective. You can, however replace your old worn out and dysfunctional charger by getting a new one from a reliable accessories store near you. You can actually get the exact model for your phone or choose a universal charger for any type or cell phone brand.

Batteries – Cell phone batteries lose their ability to hold power for long and this does not necessarily mean that you replace the phone with a new one. If your battery holds power for short periods of time you can replace it with a new one to improve performance and reliability of the phone.

Data cables – They come in handy when synchronizing your calendar and contact and even files with your computer. You can also use the cables to download images, games and ringtones that you wish to have on your phone. They are some of the most popular accessories you can find in stores.

SIM cards – They transform the way you store your information, phone book entries and phone settings. With so many service providers today, you can buy several cards to serve your needs and at the same time give you a chance to enjoy the different offers that the providers have for their subscribers.

Straps – Cell phone straps give your phone a trendy, colourful look and at the same time improve your phone handling when on the go. You can easily hold onto the phone when you have a functional strap on it.

Holders – They are commonly referred to as phone cases and some are very functional for phones that come with very smooth surfaces, making them prone to slipping off your hands and falling. A holder also improves the look of your phone and protects it from scratches and dents in case of a fall. There are so many chic holsters and pouches you can choose from.

Faceplates – Most phones offer changeable face abilities and this means you can get the faceplates to change the look of your phone every now and then or to replace a damaged face.